How to disable page transition animation in Mendix Native?

Hi community,   I used to have a standard bottom bar within my app displaying a couple of navigation items. This was working just fine. Whenever the user clicked on one of the menu items, the page would render without any transition/animation. However, to fit some of our requirements, we unfortunately had to adapt and create a custom bottom bar instead. We managed to create a snippet containing our custom bottom bar, and made some custom classes to make sure it looks exactly the same as the standard Mendix bottom bar.   All good so far. However, after running the app and checking it with the Make it Native app, I notice that there is a page transition/animation whenever I click on one of the menu items in my custom bottom bar. The new page slides in from right to left.   Does anyone know how to get rid of these transitions/animations so that it behaves the same as the standard Mendix bottom bar?   EDIT: I guess this is the actual cause? If anyone knows if there is a way to turn this off for specific instances, that would be great.
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