Data Grid - Cell Styler - text color of selected line

Hi *, in data grid I use the Cell Styler and mark individual lines according to a boolean value - see screenshot (...00785). A row selected in red shows the cell text in black - and it should also be red. I tried to overwrite the .mx-datagrid / &.selected: hover... class and set the color value to red - unfortunately without success and I think that's the wrong way. I also tried a colored background, unfortunately without success. How can I set the text color of a selected line to red or leave it black depending on the boolean value?   Who can help me? Thank you Bernhard      
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Hi Bernhard

You can easily inspect on the datagrid ,you will find a class named selected go to the custome-variables.scss , add your style if you want it to be on all selected cells or you can add classname in the datagrid then in custom-variables .classname selected { your_properties },

I hope that helped.