Modal Popup resize and scroll bar behavior (missing resize or display of scroll bar)

Hi, I encountered the same problem as a few users before me but their questions couldn't resolve my problem. I got a modal popup page with multiple group boxes on it. All group boxes are collapsed per default. When opening a group box with various elements in it, the page only "resizes" to the bottom but expands below the screen and there is no scroll bar visible. So Buttons and so (placed in the footer of the DataView) are not visible and clickable anymore. I couldn't find a solution for that as all the provided suggestion on other questions didn't help. The only way i found was setting the height to the placeholder element via CSS to "inherit". This results in showing a scroll bar but disables the resize of the whole popup if there still would be space on the Screen.   The strange thing is the behavior of that modal-popup when a groupBox, with a templateGrid inside of it, is opened. In that case the popup works like a charm and resizes itself to use all the available space (even moves up to the top of the page) and if still not enough space it displays the scroll bar.   Is that a bug? Why does it only work with a template grid?
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First method : Layout grids should not be used to wrap in the data view, as this will affect the dynamic height of the pop-up window.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 160146.png



Method 2: Adjust the height of class "dataview-content"  to max-height : calc(100vh - 300px); for normal screen,

if screen up to 1900px. You use to  max-height: 520px ;


I hope this help.