Why does the default styling of the sidebar break when I put a Container around the Navigation Tree widget in the Layout and how do I solve it?

I have been trying to implement the StyleSheetSwitcher module (Mendix Marketplace - StyleSheetSwitcher) and it works perfectly apart from the styling of the sidebar navigation. With trial and error I have managed to discover the cause: Placing the Navigation Tree widget in a Container (or Layout Grid or, I am assuming, any other widget) breaks the default styling, even if the Container doesn't have any classes on it, so it doesn't even seem to have anything to do with the StyleSheetSwitcher module.   I am assuming that this was not an issue in older Mendix versions, as I can't find anything about this module not working properly for other users and the documentation states that it was tested for Mendix 7, 8 and 9 (although I do not know which subversion of 9).   Default sidebar in the webbrowser (left) and Studio Pro (right):         Sidebar with a Layout Grid around it in the webbrowser (left) and Studio Pro (right):         The bar on the left in darker blue is expected, as the Layout Grid adds padding, but as you can see the text is now displayed next to the icons and clicking an icon now expands the subitems below it, but the sidebar still has the same width (when the sidebar in the default example is not expanded tot the right) as before. This happens even though placing the Navigation Tree in a Layout Grid is the only change I made. The Layout Grid doesn't have any extra classes and this also happens when you place it in a Container without any classes (except that you won't have the padding on the left in that case).   Does anybody know what causes this and how I could fix it?
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I have now managed to fix this on my app.


I did two things, firstly I updated the Atlas Core module and Atlas Web Content in the marketplace and resolved the errors this creates. I would try this first and see if it solves your issue.


If not then the second thing I did was upgraded my app to version 10.6.1 and changed the icons on my navigation bar from Glyphicons to Atlas icons instead. This seemed to resolve all the issues I was having with the formatting of the navigation bar