Need Sign out option on page with only Anonymous user access.

Hi expoerts, I have a requirement where I have a registration page where as an anoymous user I can access the page and register myself on the app.   But I  want a button where when I click on that button I should be able to go back to my login screen without manually adding any url link to my login page. I added the button and on click I added sign out button but I am not able to see that button on screen. But if I add cancel as an option to on click functionality then the button is visible but nothing works as that's the only page.    I have added the screenshots below.   What Ican see actually on web browser:
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So a sign out button only works if you are signed in. As an anonymous user, that is not yet the case. To revert back to your initial login page , you could use a microflow button.

Create a microflow that closes your page and opens your custom login page, make sure to set acces to this microflow for the anonymous user.


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You can create a regular button and change its event to Sign out. Check the example below.