To display an attachment link only when the current user uploads a documents, which should be hidden to others.

I am having an attachments link, in which the visibility condition is  $currentObject/IsAttachment=true and  $currentObject/System.changedBy=[%CurrentUser%].   When I run this, if user 1 uploads a document the link is visible and hidden to user 2 correctly, but if user 2 uploads document for the same object, the link hides for user 1. But, if both user uploads it should show the attachment link to both of them, in other words, the link should be visible whoever uploads a document to the particular object. How can I resolve this?
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I believe you have only one object and everytime someone uploads a document it overwrites the other. You need to create a new object by upload if you want to keep a list of documents.

I hope this helps.