How do I create an Onclick event on a List View when there is a Listen to Widget connected?

Right now you will get an error  "The property "Click action" cannot be defined if the ListView is a list target for any widget.   So my workaround is as follows: Create a Container and set an onclick microflow.   The problem I have right now is that it's hard to click on the listview to select a different message. It will fire the onclick event. (See image)     Does anyone have a good solution for this specific usecase?  I would like to change the status of a message whenever you click on it. With my current solution its nearly impossible to click on a message without clicking on the onclick mf event.
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You can add a Datasource Dataview in the listening widget. That means if you click the list view, it will show the dataview on the page, and thus it will trigger the DS microflow there with the context object of the thing you clicked.