Customizing the dropdown widget

Hi Mendix Community! I'm using the 'dropdown' widget and I'd like to change the appearance style of the expandable list. Where can I find all the CSS styles for this widget to customize it according to my needs for example, adjusting the length, font used, color, etc.     Best regards, Adam
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I definitely recommend Searchable Selector from Marketplace.

This is probably the best widget to handle such needs. It has great configuration options, and my favourite is that the list can have any type of content.


For mobile app, you could consult this page:

Drop Down

and then particular React Native Prop styles.

For web app, I advise to check HTML "select" tag and what CSS attributes you can change there. Or apply your styles on it's wrapping container. Maybe others could advise here better.

For a custom pluggable drop-down widget, I'd check this whole section:

Pluggable Widgets