How to apply font for document template which is used in generate HTML activity?

I am using document template to generate Html document which is used in email. I want to use Helvitica font but in email its always Courier. Here the error that I got: Caused by: com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: Failed to parse css string 'text-align: center;font-family; helvitica;' for widget table3    at Main.SendEmailConfirmation.nested.14fab966-ee29-4990-b0f1-e5ebd6b7e22b [0 of 2] (DocumentExport : 'Generate HTML (.html) document using template 'EmailDocumentTemplate'')    at Main.SendEmailConfirmation (ListLoop : '')
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I would like to link to:


The articles on the linked pages tell a story:

  • use in-line styling to declare font family
  • use web-fonts (=> means that Helvitica is going to be okay)
  • html emails don't look the same in all clients, make sure to send the plain text alternative


Edit: your HTML document is not attached but displayed as body, right? You might need to check how the document is generated and if it is matching the tips and tricks shown in the articles of the linked pages