How to Create a Stylish and Effective Landing Page in Mendix?

Hello Mendix Community! I am currently working on a project in Mendix and am aiming to create a landing page that is not only functional but also visually appealing and consistent with my brand's visual identity. I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions you could offer: Design and Style: What are the best practices for designing a landing page that is both stylish and in line with modern UX/UI guidelines? Are there specific templates or widgets in Mendix that you would recommend for achieving a more sophisticated design? Customization and Branding: How can I effectively incorporate my brand's logo and color scheme into the landing page? Are there any limitations or tips I should be aware of when customizing these elements in Mendix? Responsive Design: Can you share any tips on ensuring that the landing page is responsive and looks good across different devices and screen sizes? Engaging Content: What strategies do you suggest for presenting content (like text, images, and videos) in an engaging way that captures the visitor's attention? Call-to-Action Buttons: How can I optimize the placement and design of call-to-action buttons to improve user engagement and conversion rates? I'm looking forward to your insights and any examples of great Mendix landing pages you might have come across.   Thank you in advance for your help!   Eduardo Passamani Lofego
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Hi eduardo lofego

I recommend



Please dive into these learning paths 

you will find the answers to all of your questions 

for the branding things 

see this