Invisible paging buttons on data grid

After updating my application from Mendix 9 to Mendix 10, it appears that the paging buttons on data grids have become invisible. The paging buttons are still there and can still be click and move the pages along appropriately, but they cannot be seen by the user. By inspecting the element I can see that the paging buttons are there, and are supposedly set to be a visible dark grey. I can adjust their background and border colours and the correct colours show up where the paging buttons should be, but the paging button arrows themselves do not show up in any way. In the below screenshot you can see I've set border to be red, background to be green, and colour to be pink, but only the background and the border are present.  Has anyone experienced this before? What can I do to fix it?
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Hi Hartley,


Your issue looks similair to the one explained here.

The steps described in that feed will probably help you solve the issue aswell.


Good luck!


A little late but... I tried updating the Atlas Module but it didn't work so I solved it by updating the DataWidgets Module. Hope this helps!


Even I Have faced the same issue , The code written below will solve the issue


  height: 20px;