Changing Padding On Icon Collections Icon

Hi all,   We have imported the Material-icon set using the .ttf-file. However when we use it the imported icons no longer has padding on the menu items: Can anyone point me to where I can set the padding for the menu items?   Thanks in advance!
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Hey Nico,


As far as I remember, the atlas icons (using the `.mx-icon` base class from heart) have some special styling defined inside atlas to get the menu to look like that.


My best guess would be that you'd need to duplicate that styling from atlas into your app styling (either the theme/web or a theme module) to also apply on the main icon class name for your own icon set.


A quick guess would be that it's this bit of styling: (but inspecting the atlas icons might be an easier way to determine it 😊)


Fabian's answer is correct. Some navigation styling is still based on the .glyphicon class. Since this is replaced with the .mx-icon or something else, this will no longer work.


I've encounter this issue as well and made a fix for it. You might want to check it out in the Marketplace. It's a collection of Material Design icons (Outlined, Filled and Rounded) with searchable terms. mIcons: