How to change the Mendix default logo to a Custom logo.

Hi all, I want to change the Mendix default logo to a Custom logo for our web app. I've been trying to add the hyperlink of the logo into Custom Variables but without succes. Can anyone point me in the right direction?   Thanks in advance!
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Hello Joey, 


Which logo do you wish to change, because mendix uses different logos at different places in their standard package.

Places to change logos for a random page is to copy the current page layout and change the logo on the layout and select that page layout as your layout.


more info here: 


The favicon of your application can be changed in your navigation, under navigation icon.


more info here:


Changing the logo on the log-in screen is a bit more of a hassle if you want to keep the html the same, if you want to do so you have to change the login.html in your theme and delete it there or change it to the right path of your logo, however i would recommend to create a login page within your application and set that as your login page with this it is fully in your model and you can put your own logo there.


more about this can be read here:


hope this helps!


Good luck