Scroll Container in Accordion?

Hey community,   I'm currently developing an app where I have a page which looks like the one in this screenshot:   I set a min-height to all of the 4 Accordions ("Status", "Planning", "Description" and "People") because I want them to always use the same amount of space and want all 4 of them to be the same height. Now as you can see when I also set a max-height everything is alligned. There's only one problem: The insides don't bother about the max-height and stretch outside of the accordion, like you can see on that very long description. Setting the max-height also on the text doesn't help.   My goal is to make the description scrollable so all 4 accordions can keep their height and the user can still read the whole description.   My problem is that Mendix doesn't allow me to put a Scroll Container inside the accordion. Also setting the Wrap-Option of the text to "Wrap" it doesn't help.   Does anyone know a workaround how I could achieve what I want? Would be thankfull for each answer.
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The container that contains the text should have the following styling:

.my-container {
    height: 100%;
    overflow-y: auto;

The height should set the container to the height of the card.

The overflow tells the container to show a scrollbar if the content is bigger than the height, and hide the scrollbar if the content fits.


Hope this helps!