formatDate/Time with different language while switching

I have an app using two languages, English and Chinese. The date/time formatting are using default. I made an account using the administrator module, setting the language to be Chinese. I logging to the home page, everything seems to be fine and well translated into Chinese. When I change the language to English (click the language selector drop down button, which is provided by the atlas UI), most of the page texts are translated well, but the formatDateTime texts still remain in Chinese. (not every time, sometimes it‘s also translated - -). A relogging to the system could solve the problem, but that's definitely not the right way. So is it a bug or something I missed? My studio pro version is 9.24.1
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Hi wei,

language translations not reflecting while switching  is indeed the issue, i faced this in past, had to refresh page once again via javascript  for correct translation to appear.

But I got 1 nice solution, you can find it here