How to remove a visibility error message when there is no visibility set on that specific element?

Hi all,   I am getting an unexpected error message and hopefully someone in the community can help me. We have upgraded our apps from 10.6.6 to 10.6.8 and for one particular app I'm getting the following error message: "An error occurred while evaluating value of KlantbestellenUI.OrderNP_OrderDetail.container1$visibility: Operator > not supported in expression >(1, )". The strange part is that I don't have any visibility on this particular container on this page and on the page behind it.     I was getting more of this kind of error messages, for example the '-' operator was also not accepted in the expression "substring(formatDateTime($dataView2/Date, 'EE d MMM'), 0, length(formatDateTime($dataView2/Date, 'EE d MMM')) -1)" for removing the point in the date. This expression was found in the Text element, but I've managed to replace it with the replaceAll function. Also the '>' operator wasn't accepted anymore on more places, but that was explainable.  The strangest part of all is that the logic and the page building is copied from another app and where the app is copied from these error messages are not appearing. Also I did already look for the Java version, because this was updated between 10.6.6 and 10.6.8, but we still run on version 11 instead of 17.   So my questions are, can someone explain to me why I'm getting this error and how to fix it? Or is it just unexplainable and I need to find another solution for this?   Hopefully someone can help me with this issue.   Thanks in advance
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Hi Joyce! Are there any widgets in the container that have visibility conditions on them that might have the unsupported operator in them?