Why my listview style behave differently when I put it inside a datagrid2?

Hello everyone, I m new at mendix so thank you very much for your help.   I have a style problem. As you can see, I have a datagrid2 where i have three columns. In one of them, I want to list all roles.    I want the roles to be displayed in the SAME line and, as you can see in the previous picture, it doesn't work.   However, When I copy/paste the listview outside of the datagrid2, It displays as intended:    I insist on the fact that these are the same listview. I didn't change the /appearance, but I don't know why putting "Align self" to "Left" does not have the desired output in the datagrid (while the effects like color and transform apply on both)      Thank you again for your help.      
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Hi, Abdelaziz Abdelkefi


1. Double click on list view and go appearance select style -> no style shown below 





2. add on class name lv-col-md-3 on it shown below 




I hope it will help you !

Thank you 

K. Ravi Kumar