Is there a way to handle the erro Error, contact your system administrator due to the internet connectivity issues?

Hello All, Is there a way to handle the erro  'Error, contact your system administrator' due to the internet connectivity issues? I know in the microflow we can handle the error scenarios. But we have some users who might access the application from poor network and this error is causing confusion. Is there a way to handle this error or notify the user that the connectivity is poor?
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Couldn't stand the challenge, you could do something similar as I suggested here. Added the catch block to detect connection drops:

const nativeFetch = window.fetch;
window.fetch = function (...args) {
  console.trace('detected fetch call');
  const prom = nativeFetch.apply(window, args);
  prom.then(response => {
    if (response.status == 401) {
      alert("Your session expired, goodbye!");
  }).catch(error => {
    console.error("Fetch failed:", error);
    // Here you can add code to handle the failed fetch due to internet connection drop
    // For example, you can show an alert or perform some other action.
    alert("Fetch failed due to internet connection drop!");
  return prom;



In the widget mobile features: you have this option:

Custom body classes:

  • online/offline: When the app goes offline, it will add a configurable class to the body of the page

May be you can use this to show a warning to the user that the person is currently offline.