Data Grid 2 changing div Class sticky-sentinel to sticky-sentinel container stuck

1-hi, im working on a Web APP implementing dashboard and i have the situation; i´m using the data grid 2 to show information in table format and the requirement is that the first 2 column should be fixed. when i scroll horizontal the table start work fine , and after the fixed behavior not working anymore. i check with inspection tool in the browser and i note that: 1-in beguining when the page work as expected the class is set to :  "sticky-sentinel" , see figure 1; 2-when page have issue the same line class change to "sticky-sentinel container stuck" and appears a black box with name Overflow, see figure 2;   if there is a way to block the class to only  "sticky-sentinel" , or other solution?? Tanks in Advance!!  
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the problem was the Display type, that default was "Grid", change it to "inline grid", solve this problem.

.table-content {

        overflow: visible !important;

        display:inline-grid !important;