How can I return a static page for crawlers?

I have set up the seo sitemaps module. I have taken a look at the blog for, which indicates a way of returning a static page when the request is from a crawler. However, it does so in a java action that no longer exists in the deeplink module. The  StartDeepLinkJava.processRequest function does not exist.       In my deeplink microflows (the ones I created that return the page), the show page actions work, but anything returned from the microflow, such as a static html page, is ignored. I tried to access $latestResponse so I could change its contents to be static html, but the $latestResponse variable was not accessible from this microflow. The only place I can access the $latestResponse variable is in a microflow called from a rest service, but then the show page action gets ignored.   How can I return either a static html page, or call show page, depending on if the user is a crawler or a normal user?
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Hi Michael,


You could also return a static page using Native REST by publishing a REST service without any authentication with a GET operation that returns the sitemap as XML content. You could probably do everything native without any Java, as long as you are able to interpret the Java code from the blog you should be able to rewrite that to microflow logic combined with a REST published service.