How to show data in bold inside the string

Hello All, Inside list view I have a Text widget where Data is coming like below. **TEST*This is test.**TEST1**Test is testone.   How to show string in bold inside the ** **  ,there can be n number of bold words.
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Hi Raju ,  

You can use format string widget to display the text in bold. 

You can write a simple HTML code like below 

<b>Test</b> and store this in attribute and use this attribute in formatstring widget. 

This widget helps you to render the text in bold format


Use markdown viewer or a markdown to html from the marketplace or otherwise convert it html as described with this convertor


Hello Raju,


Is the text provided via an integration, or manually entered in Mendix?

In case of the former, have a look at the Rich Text Editor.




you can use the widget called "HTML Element" instead of the text widget. Set it up like in the screenshot I attached and you should be able to use <b> or <strong> to highlight words in your string.



The {1} is the string parameter you want to show as the text. It will be neccesary to put <b> before the bold word and </b> after the bold word to make it bold. To transfer your string from "**Word**" to "<b>Word</b>" you should create a nano, or microflow which translates your string to this HTML encoded string. If you need additional help to create that flow feel free to ask. I hope this helps you with your current issue.