@debug Scss, how to do this in mendix?

like the title says. how do you view the @debug out in Mendix? Is there a way to see this in the Mx Console?
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It's unfortunately not possible to see the output of the compiler from Studio Pro. One way to get a log would be to kill the process and check the output in the SPro log file. However, we do explicitly run the compilation with a silent mode flag, so not sure if that includes @debug statements. It might be easier to just run sass manually on the deployment/sass/main.scss file. This would be close to how Studio Pro compiles sass (when running inside an app dir):

& 'C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\tools\sass\sass.bat' --no-unicode --error-css --embed-sources -s compressed .\deployment\sass\main.scss .\theme-cache\web\theme.compiled.css



Thanks for this valuable info!



Is the theme.compiled.css really generated with the -s compressed flag?

Since the theme.compiled.css generated by Studio Pro still has the blank spaces/extra characters ...


Depending on the complexity of your styling, this means a significant amount of kilobytes that can be saved ...