How to detect the completion of data loading on Data Grid 2?

I have a data grid 2 trying to load data with a xpath data source. Because of the complexity of the page and the size of the DB tables, it takes several seconds to load the data. I'd like to show a loading indicator for the Data Grid 2. Is there a way to detect the data loading status of a Data Grid 2?
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Hi Ximeng,


how many objects does the database return to you through this xpath?

Make sure you don't use any != operators on the Xpath and be sure that your call doesn't happen more than once.

You can find good performance tips here:

Community Best Practices for App Performance | Mendix Documentation

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Regarding your question:

I think that it is not possible to display a loading bar if you retrieve the data via xpath. (without workarounds)

With a microflow you can activate a loading bar in the microflow settings and with nanoflows you can install a start loading bar activity at the beginning of your flow - then call the microflow - then an end loading bar

 The Nanoflow :



Hope this Helps,