Order of form parts depending on device

I use a standard form layout, with menu's, workspaces and some other parts. When the form is displayed on mobile, I have to scroll down all the menu's before I get to the workspace. Is there a way to change the order of the formparts depending on the type of device. E.g. in the CSS?
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Hi Gerard,

In the CSS you can use standard classes like hide-xs, hide-sm hide-md hide-lg and visible-xs visible-sm visible-md and visible-lg to display or hide certain content depending on screen size. I have a application where for instance my main menu is hidden when screen size is xs, and a specifically designed menu pops up (with visible-xs).

You can also put your content into snippets, and create different pages for each device. In a microflow with a device split ($currentDeviceType) you can show the specific page, creating device specific pages with minimal effort and almost no added maintainability.


Thanks. I'll use the CSS option to avoid large numbers of pages.


You could even use 'display : inline' to avoid scrolling. Just display it inline with some text or link at the top.

Or hiding the div for mobile is a good option.