SAML error page using /css/login.css instead of /styles/login.css

I have setup the SAML2.0 module and this is working fine. I do ave a syling issue with the error page. I throw the error using the LoginFeedback entity containing the error message. The message is displayed inside an error page. This errorpage references the default /css/login.css and not our adjusted /styles/login,css. We use the (default) theme and somehow I always get some default content inside the /css/ folder inside the deployment folder. I cannot find where this content is defined and is not the css I want (including the default Mendix logo). Can I somehow change the errorpage to use the correct CSS or can I change the /css/ folder content as added by the Mendix runtime?
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Oke, figured it out after a good nights sleep.

I added a /css/ folder to my themes folder. As it seems, the /css/ folder will also be deployed, adding or overwriting the default content of the folder as is created when running the application. So I added my login.css to the /css/ folder in my theme and after deploying, the login.css that was created by default has been overridden with my css file sing the same name.