Drop-down values getting populating blank,based on deselection of Multi-select values of another dropdown values(when ever all values deselect).

Hi , i have a three drop down like A,B,C into our application. First 'A' drop-down having set of fields, 'B' dropdown having set of fields so based on deselection of all values of drop-down B, C drop-down value should appear based on selected values of 'A' drop-down selected value.(but i'm getting values into debugging variable into backend but not getting populating on frontend ,drop-down values showing blank) (Based on deselection of A drop down, third C drop-down value has to be populated by default values based on condition.) please let me know more clarification. quick reply should be appreciated.
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Hello Mandeep,

  Are you refreshing the dataview context object when you make your selection?  The fact that you see items in your debugger but not the front end tells me you may need to include a change activity on the top level entity for that data view that does a refresh.  It could be that the items are set in the backend, but the information isn't being sent to the user's screen without a refresh.

  Let me know if that works,