Datagrid Styling Question

I have a small datagrid that will display 5 or fewer rows.  I don't have column heading text, because it is not necessary.  However, the sort arrow still appears above the datagrid (so that the user can sort the grid by clicking on the column).  I would like to hide the column heading space to make this part of the screen more compact.  I have inlcuded a screenshot and would like to remove the yellow highlighted portion.  Any pointers about how I might be able to accomplish this? Thanks! Mike
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You could add a class in your scss that tells the class:  .mx-name-head-row {display:none;} This wil remove the the header from the datagrid.



Hi Mike,

For me creating a new class with the following worked like you wanted: 

.mx-datagrid-head-wrapper {diplay: none;}

I know this is a year old post but maybe there are others looking for a solution.

I hope it works but I’m pretty sure you found a solution so far. 

PS: for hidding all datagrid (excerpt the control bar buttons) I used the following: 

 .mx-datagrid-body tr{
            display: none !important;
            background-color: transparent ; 

LE: if you needed only on one page I found out it works also just by giving it a style (under the class filed) of the column in the datagrid as display: none