Is there something smaller than a data grid for a dataview to listen to?

This must be easy to do but I'm somehow missing it. I'm trying to view records in a parent-child relationship.  I have this working with a datagrid and a dataview that listens to the datagrid, but the datagrid takes too much room. What I want is for users to select from a pulldown and the records in the dataview to filter based on that. Basically the functionality of a datagrid combined with the look of a reference selector would be ideal.  How is it done?  Thanks, Marcos    
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Hi Marcos,

Is this what you mean? I've used a listview, since it sounded like that would all you really need :)



You could use a reference selector.  Associate your chart entity to the filter entity.  In the chart datasource, have an Xpath that limits the charted data to those objects that match the selected reference value.  When you select a value in the reference selector, you may need to have an on change microflow that commits the chart entity in order for the chart to refresh.

Hope that helps,