Theme/Styles folder missing in 7.0.2

Hi All, I am create an application using Mendix 7.0.2 which is working fine. But when i am looking to customise using styles unable to find the folder where i can see in 7.6 version. Did i missed something here can you please help me.  
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Hi Ravi,

Just as a check: Have you run the application locally yet for the first time?
The [Root Mx project]/deployment/web/styles folder will be created if you run it. You can then copy its contents and recreate the [Root Mx project]/theme folder.

You can also copy the theme folder from your 7.6 project to your 7.0.2. project and work from there. Don't forget to set the correct theme in your Mendix project settings!


Ravi, you can try this:

1. Go to the [Root Mx project]/deployment/web/styles folder
2. Copy the contents of the styles folder to [Root Mx project]/theme folder
This should include any folders in styles that contain css files, like styles/css or styles/lib

3a. Run the project from your Mendix modeller, make sure you've set the correct theme in your Project Settings -> Tab Runtime

3b. If 3a doesn't work, do the following:

- Zip the contents of the themes folder and place it in the themes folder
- Pick the correct theme zipfile in your Project Settings (See screenshot above)
- Run the app again

Note well: When using a zipfile, make sure that the files (like login.html and any other files) are at the top level of the zip, i.e. -> login.html CORRECT> theme folder -> login.html INCORRECT

If 3a and/or 3b works, edit your CSS files in the themes folder. When you save them and run your app again, you'll see your changes in the running app.


Good luck!