How To Hide Datepicker Text Field - Display Calendar Button Only

How can I hide the text field available for typing the date in the default datepicker widget? I only want the calendar button to be visible. Note: I posted this question two days ago, and I received an answer from Jeffrey Draaijer; however, unfortunately his solution did not work for me (or I did not apply it correctly), then I deleted the question. Coming to think of it today I figured it's better to post the question and the suggested solution just for reference.   Jeffrey Draaijer's suggested solution: "You can add the following to a custom.scss file and compile that in the Mendix project: .mx-grid-search-item { .mx-grid-search-input { width: auto; } .mx-dateinput-input-wrapper { display: none; } } The width attribute in the mx-grid-search-input class will give the search item the width of only the label and the button. The display none attribute mx-dateinput-input-wrapper class will hide the input field. Hope this helps."
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Just add width: 0px; in the style property of the datepicker widget.