Refresh Chart JS bar chart after updating data in a popup form

I have a Bar Chart based on temporary (non-permanent) entities as per the Chart JS docs.  Additionally, I created a temporary entity related to each datapoint to enable drilldown functionality.  Each datapoint has many drilldown records. This entity is populated in the chart's datasource microflow. When users click on a datapoint in the chart, detail records show from the drilldown entity. If users click on one of the detail records, they are allowed to edit that record in a popup that shows only the clicked record (this time from a permanent entity so their changes can be saved). At that point, there's the chart and two popup forms displayed. How do I update the chart and the detailed records popup after the user updates the record in the single record popup form? It seems I need to rerun the datasource microflow for the chart, but how do I trigger that so a user sees the update she just made in the chart that is displayed?  Edit: The charts are on a tab control, so closing and opening the pages again would not put the user on the same tab again (also, having the entire page refresh in the client would not be ideal). Thanks,
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Hi Marcos,

When you want the chart to reload, you need to refresh (change action with 'refresh in client') the object that populates the dataview in which your chart is shown.

You also might want to consider closing the first popup when opening the second, as it is not possible to close two popups in one action. Unless that is your desired functionality, then just ignore what I said :)