SASS tab container

Hi, I'm trying out editing my custom made theme to get more consistent branding throughout our apps.  Id like to use tab pills as the default for the tab container. I've used the style before 'tab-pills' but how to I add this to the _tabcontainer.scss file that's in the theme? I've been successful with other changes that were more obvious to me. Thanks Christina
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You can look up the tab-pills definition within the lib folder (the part in _tabcontainer.scss), and copy this to the _tabcontainer.scss file in your custom folder, but then apply it to the 'standard' tab container styling. That should do the trick.


Cann't you add the tab-pills as class in your page definition?


Other option is to override the default tab container definition in your custom theme part (In file: styles/sass/custom/components/_tabcontainer.scss)