Undefined variable - error whilst trying to create a custom theme

So unfortunately my browser currently wont allow me to paste my screenshot. Ive been testing out creating a custom theme. I created the base using the mendix theme designer and now i'm attempting to customize the styling using the test app Survey Builder. its all been fairly successful so far however when i run the app it flashes an error first of all then runs fine.  Error: Undefined Variable: "$tabs-border-color".  on line 42 of C:\MendixApps\themetesting-main\deployment\web\styles\sass\custom\components\_tabcontainer.scss from line 18 of C:MendixAppsthemetesting-mainPploymentwebstylessass ustom ustom.scss 37: @import "pagetemplates/responsive/page-tabs"; 38:@import "pagetemplates/responsive/page-website"; ​39:@import "pagetemplates/responsive/page-wizard";   It goes on but i'm not going to type it all out at this point. I assume this was to do with me trying to create "tab-pills". Please bear with me as i'm still learning how to customize the styling. I'm using Koala to compile.   Christina
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By default the $tabs-border-color is commented out in _custom-variables.scss. So koala won't find the definition when compiling your CSS file. Can you please check, if this is the case for you?