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Hi, Ive posted quite a lot trying to teach myself how to edit my themes SASS files, but i think to learn i think i just need someone to show me what to do. I understand the premise, i've made a few very minor changes like rounding the corners of my 'cards' and it works. The point is that all developers on my team will use this theme on their apps so that they all look the same.  One change i want to make is ------- make the default datagrid striped and bordered using SASS. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Once i see the fix im confident ill be able to make the remaining changes that i want.  
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Hi Christina, I believe the striped and bordered datagrids are already supported in the default mendix themes. You need to add the following classes to your datagrid datagrid-striped and datagrid-bordered.

You can checout the mendix UI showcase to see for yourself how this datagrid looks like, see: and go to design elements section and then buttons datagrids.

If you want to know to create the srtipes and borders yourself, you can check out the _datagrids.scss  file in the theme\styles\sass\lib\components folder in your mendix project. 


If you want to make it default you need to change the _datagrids.scss file in the theme\styles\sass\lib\components folder in your mendix project. 

Checkout the Datagrid Striped section and copy or replace the elements to the Datagrid Default section.