How to hide the native X (abort button right corner) from a pop up

Hi I am making use of an Helper construction whereby I show it in a popup. Unfortunately there is a X at the right corner which works kind of a abort function, implying a lost helper and empty screen (while close button works fine). So I am wondering how I can disable just this X in the pop up screen? adding a class at the pop, and than css technically overwriting the class whereby all the X's are disabled for that popup or so?
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Hi Enzo,

If you want to control the action of the X close button you can follow the post of Eric. 

However if you want to remove the X close button from the popup, you can add a class to the class of the popup page.

In your custom scss styling you can add the following:

.hideclosebutton_onthispopupwindow {
	.modal-content .modal-header .close {
		display: none;

Hope that helps.


You can also control what the X button actually does. Open the properties of the pop-up page itself and set the "close action" property.


Hi Enzo,

Please have a look at the following question/answer: