Failed to execute replaceChild on Node: The node to be replaced is not a child of this node.

Trying to show a page that has the following structure: DataView(Listen from TemplateGrid) -> ListView(MF Source that uses specialisation entity) -> Attribute(read-only) Behavior: Page does not load and loading bar is shown indefinitely Error received in browser console: An error occurred while handling queued requests: Failed to execute 'replaceChild' on 'Node': The node to be replaced is not a child of this node. My suspicion is that this is a platform bug related to inheritance because the DataView object being passed to Data source MF is Specialisation e.g. Cat and the Microflow's Parameter is specified as the top level parent e.g. Animal. Normally this is fine but I can't help but think this is causing an issue because this something that stands out. In the meantime I will be trying to reproduce it in a test project Any help would be appreciated
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A possible workaround would be to specify the paramter to be the top level parent e.g. Animal, and then cast it the microflow. Just an idea