Popup size classes?

Hey, What are the (standard) popup size classes again? Something like 'popup.md' (medium), 'popup.sm' (small), 'size.md', ... ? I have seen them somewhere sometime, but can't remember them now, and can't find em easily (Google/ Mendix forum/ ux.mendix.com/ CSS or SASS files in project folder/ ...). Imo nicer to use those classes than to set the popup width and height manually. Regards, Joris Ps. For future reference: what is the best place to find the Mendix pre-defined classes, for someone that is not very technical (yet)? ;)
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Pop-up size can be specified in the page properties, when the page uses a popup layout


Atlas UI >Mx7.2; https://atlas.mendix.com

UX framework <Mx7.2: http://ux.mendix.com