AtlasUI - Internet Explorer 11 and DropDowns

Hi all, I just noticed, that the fancy styling of Dropdowns from AtlasUI (and probably also before) don't work together with Internet Explorer (11). IE:  Chrome:  The Screenshots are made from btw. Is there a way to make the dropdown look correct in IE?   regards, Fabian
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Unfortunately this is default IE 11 behavior. I have looked also for a solution but until now I was only able to style the dropdown selector for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

You can however hide the selector, you can add the following to your custom SASS file:

select::-ms-expand {
    display: none;

Good luck

EDIT: I've found something but that would overwrite the default Atlas dropdown selector icon:

  1. Styling select box with CSS:
  2. Styling select box with CSS + fontAwesome:


EDIT2: Added this information also to an open support ticket I have with Mendix about a similar issue.


Which version of IE are we talking about?