Atlas UI - Selected submenu item has block cover icon, how to fix?

I've built an app in Mendix 7.6.0, with the default Atlas UI. All the layouts are the standard Responsive ones. When I select a submenu item on the navigation bar on the left, it highlights the icon like in the main menu, but the highlight colour is shown over the icon instead of under the icon. See screenshot: After an update of the app to 7.9.0 this is still the case. Anyone knows a proper way to fix this?
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Tested this in a 7.8 created project. I don't have issues with blue boxes.

It looks like this: 

So I guess that its part of the theme file part of the 7.6 release.

If you still use the default theme, then I suggest that you create a new project in 7.9 and copy paste the theme files of the new project to your current project.

Or maybe download the Atlas UI resources module, it seems that this contains the upgraded Atlas UI framework