Create our COMPANY_Atlas_UI_Resources

We have defined a new style (guide) for our webbased applications. Now we have to apply this new style on our existing applications. First we upgrade these applications to mendix 7.9 so we can make use of the new atlas ui framework. Next step is to create our company ui resources and share it for all applications. I'm not sure of the best approach. The actions I think I have to do  : - in the modeler extend the "atlas_ui_resources" package with our company layouts, building blocks and templates - rename this extended "atlas_ui_resources" to "company_ui_resources" - change/extend all (s)css files according to our style guide. Should this always be done in the theme\styles\sass\custom folder and never in the scss that are in the \lib folder? - export the "company_ui_resources" package  - upload it to our company appstore Is this the way to do it?
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You're on the right track!

Here you can find some detailed howto's on this topic: