Reduce spacing between columns in layout grid

Am using a layout grid to display few details and it came up like below: There is too much gap between columns, i have used column width of 1 for each of these columns but still there is so much gap. Could you tell me how can i reduce this gap to minimum?
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Hi Sowmya,

There are many ways for you to tackle this problem, of which the easiest would probably be to use a table to display your data instead of a layout grid. In the table, you can set a pixel width of the colums. Set the width you desire per column and you're done!

Many other solutions include CSS and SASS for styling ("width" properties and such), this blogpost is a good starting point:

Good luck!  


For anyone else who winds up here, the real answer is you click on the row of the layout grid and select “no” for spacing between columns.

(it’s likely this wasn’t possible when the question was initially asked, but this still floats to the top of my search results on google so thought I’d share)




Try making the whole table smaller by setting the following style.

max-width: 400px;

This will make the whole table smaller, then you can scale the columns like 2:2:4:4