Data grid with pagination and page size limit

Hi ,  We are exploring Mendix to migrate our legacy . I wanted to know if then mendix has a data grid where it is integrated with Page size (Limit) and pagination. Currently what i found was the data view is coupled with the DB, Xpath , Association. Also i saw that the page numbers are generated based on the limit we configure in the data grid properties. But that's something integrated . I want the user to be given a capability of selecting page size and decide the number of records they want to see. Ideally what it means it may invoke a microflow to get the details from the DB and show it on the grid and based on that the page count should be decided dynamically. Though i see there is a data grid extension but didnt find it has that capability. is there any ready made solution to this or do i need to use controls over the data grid to do this  Below is how my existing screen looks.
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Hi Anirban,

A colleague and I are working on a custom Mendix widget that does exactly this, and it will be available in the Appstore shortly. If you want a sneak peek, you can grab a preview build of the widget from my colleague's Github, here.

The widget lets you set the size options to be displayed to the user and the actual number of rows that size represents:

Which ultimately looks like this:


There is already another widget where you can work with pagination. See appstore here:





How about DataTables? That one seems to cover your requirements!