Checkbox in Snippet rendered differently

Hi all, I just noticed a 'weird' behaviour in our App. When a checkbox is placed in a snippet, it is rendered completely different than when placed outside. For testing I just put the input in a snippet like this When looking at the generated HTML it is really different Has anyone already noticed this behaviour? Is it a known issue?
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This is caused by the Read-Only settings of the Dataview.

It is not properly inherited by the snippet.

Might be a Mendix bug ;)


Does the page parameter change the form layout from horizontal to vertical?


In a dataview, you can specify whether you want the Form Orientation horizontal or vertical, such that the input fields have their labels either next to it or above it. However, in a snippet you can't set the Form Orientation and it's always set to vertical (see screenshot below). As you mention correctly, it's not just a CSS class, but a complete different rendering of HTML.

So, what to do?

  1. Send in a feature request via the idea forum and send us the link to upvote it
  2. Make a workaround by always using a dataview inside your snippet or don't use labels, but make them yourself (see screenshot for an example)
  3. Mark this answer as correct ;-)