Placeholder text using a custom .html page

We have a custom html login page that we are using: We can't find a way of changing the jane.smith placeholder in the input field. We have made the placeholder empty in the .html but it is still being used from somewhere in else. A quick search in the modeler shows that it is not a system text that we are missing and googling hasn't helped either, so wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem.
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Hi Harry,

You can change that placeholder text by changing <main folder>\deployment\web\js\login_i18n.js

Of course, when redeploying after a change, this JS file will be overwritten. So, to make sure your change in login_i18n.js sticks, add in your theme folder an extra folder called js and in that folder add the altered login_i18n.js file. When redeploying mendix will pick your changed file.

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I've just tried the solution Ivo provided (copied the js folder from my deployment to the theme folder). When I made some small changes to both the login.js and login_i18n.js. When running the app, I noticed that login.js was updated in my deployment folder but login_i18n.js was not. Renaming the file (in theme folder) to custom_login.js did the trick. It created a new file in my deployment folder, and the changes were shown properly on the login page.

I'm using modeler 7.16.0