Simple Menu Bar in Layout not refreshing

Hi all, I have a Simple Menu Bar (horizontal) with navigation items (no sub-items) placed within my layout. I also have a button in the layout that allows the user to navigate to the homepage directly. However, when the user clikcs on this home button, it seems that the last clicked navigation item in the Simple Menu Bar remains active (i.e. the .active class remains on the navigation item). This gives a weird situation as the user at that point will be on the homepage, but the Simple Menu Bar will still have the last clidked navigation item showing as active. I have found a way to circumvent this behaviour by placing the Simple Menu Bar in a placeholder within the layout. In this case the active class is succesfully removed from the navigation item. However, this means that I will have to put the Simple Menu Bar within the placeholder on every page, while it will remain the same accross the project. Therefore, I would rather avoid that...  Would you have any other ideas to solve this?
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