Unwanted inline style added to main placeholder for one userrole

Hi, for a certain userrole the main placeholder in the page gets an inline style "overflow-x: hidden;" added to the html tag, which messes up some sticky elements further down the tree. Other userroles, using exactly the same page and layout, don't get that inline style. Does anyone know why this happens? I'm talking about the 4th line in the snippet below: <body dir="ltr" cz-shortcut-listen="true" class="profile-desktop role-beheerder"> <div id="content" data-focus-capturing="non-modal"> <div class="mx-page navlayout-topbar layout-sidebar-responsive" focusindex="0" style=""> <div class="mx-placeholder" data-mx-placeholder="main" style="overflow-x: hidden;"> <div data-mendix-id="37_0" class="mx-layoutcontainer mx-scrollcontainer mx-layoutcontainer-vertical mx-scrollcontainer-vertical" id="mxui_widget_VerticalScrollContainer_1" style="margin-bottom: 0px; margin-top: 0px;" widgetid="mxui_widget_VerticalScrollContainer_1"> <div class="mx-layoutcontainer-top mx-scrollcontainer-top region-topbar" style="display: block;"> <div class="mx-layoutcontainer-wrapper mx-scrollcontainer-wrapper"> ... The placeholder in the layout in the modeler only has an attribute 'Name' available, which is set to main. Where does the style come from?
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for me, all users get this...

Doesn't it depend on the kind of layout maybe; That some userroles have a different page-layout for their landing page?


sorry for late reaction, maybe still relevant? (or others can learn from this)