Change button glyphicon using microflow

Is it possible to change a glyphicon using a microflow for buttons like these: This is mainly for user experience and nicer looks. The opt-in being pressed will check a hidden checkbox and the opt-out will uncheck it. When a button is pressed I would like to have the "checkmark" glyphicon set for that button. Also, when retrieving data, I will need to set it based on the hidden checkbox value. Thanks,
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Hi Michael,

You can add both of those buttons to the page and use conditional visibility to simulate the checked/unchecked state. If you add the buttons right next to each other, and set one to show based on the true value of your boolean, and one for the false value, then in your microflow set the true/false values for your attribute (and refresh the page) it will look like the buttons are being toggled.

Hope this helps and let me know if you need more info.