List View only displaying the first record

I am trying to use a list view to avoid having a data grid 6 to 25 columns (predefined by the user). However its only displaying the first record. ive checked the database and it is associated properly. Apart from the XPath constraint, all the settings are either default or viewable below. The textboxes are set to only be visible if $currentObject/NumberOfColumns > # where the number is predetermined. So column3's textbox is $currentObject/NumberOfColumns > 2 and column 16's textbox is $currentObject/NumberOfColumns > 15. The 'labels' are actually records and the first records inserting into the database due to mendix's inability to dynamically set column names in a data grid. 
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It seems to be retrieving more records, just not displaying anything.  The light grey lines at the bottom of the list view are rows with no visible content.

Seems like an issue with your conditional formatting?