Custom theme folder is empty

After creating a new project in mx7.16, the folder ..\theme\styles\sass\custom has only a _custom-variables.scss and custom.scss. Where are all the folders base, buildingblocks ect… Those folders where always available in previous versions? Customizations should be done in the custom folder, not in the lib folder… isn't it?
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Hi Jan,

Yes, custom styling should still be added to the custom folder. But instead of going through all the empty selectors in the files, we think it is cleaner and more clear if you add .scss files with your custom styling. This way you can easily see the styles that have been overwritten or added.

Our ideal workflow: You add a .scss file of what you want to change (example: buttons). And then copy/paste the selectors you need of what you want to overwrite


Hi Jan,


The new Atlas UI theme has only the custom.scss and _custom-variables.scss. The custom folders you're refering to are from the old Mendix UI Framework.

Custom SASS should be added to the Custom folder and included in the custom.scss file.