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Hey all, I am trying to achieve something like this:   That is, a horizontal scrolling over products or items or images. In ANDROID it is achieved by Recycler-View I guess. I also tried to use an image slider widgets. But Bootstrap carousel like widgets show only single image in a sldier. And then I used FLEX-SLIDER widget but I couldn't figured out any way to attach images with the slider as it didn't have any option to select images. So, if you could help me with: Either, Guiding me how to use flex slider widget OR Any alternate way to achieve what I am looking for. Any sort of help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi Arslan,

Can't you use a Listview or TemplateGrid to display your products, and use styling to make it look the way you want? If you want functionality to display other attributes than simply an image (like a rating in your example) or enable functionality like action buttons, that would be the way to go.

Let me know if this is enough info to get you started, fyi: there are multiple (also recent) questions that contain info on how to style/show elements this way


I havnt tried it but I think you can achieve this with sass.

In theory, having a container that is 100% width of your viewport with "overflow-x: scroll" should work but it depends on the elements in the container.

I found this online:

but its also a bit messy.